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So, I happened to stumble upon this series and ended up actually watching this entire episode of it! Now, why is this relevant? I ain’t no big TV critic. Neither am I  a snob with obnoxiously high standards for what I do and do not get amused with.

Why I find this relevant is because the only thing that really caught my attention in the entire forty minute long saga, is how they closed it. A scene wherein the protagonist looks at this nice (read beautiful) character from a position of power and tells her she’s wearing nice pyjamas to close off offering her, her job back. Naturally, I want to see what pyjama she’s in, and surprise surprise, they zoom out and close the scene, without me or probably anybody getting a look at it. Now I really wanna know what it was. I am curious to know it, as may be quite a few of you, though I highly doubt watching the next episode might help any of us uncover this mystery.

Drawing parallels with life, isn’t curiosity what keeps us going? The desire to taste the forbidden fruit, not only because it is forbidden but to know what it is like or rather why it is forbidden in the first place- to know the unknown, experience what hasn’t been experienced, to feel what hasn’t been felt – indeed it is a rush in itself isn’t it? Now while you read this, you might notice your thoughts wander around to things, thoughts, feelings, experiences all that you want to realise – don’t let go of that.  Grab a pen and paper; scratch that, get your phones or laptops/tablets (we’re in the age of the millennials after all aren’t we) and jot these things down, and carefully read each one of them in the days to come.

Did you end up thinking of these with a smile on your face? A frown at an opportunity missed, the yearning for that experience that was so near yet, now seems so far away… That’s the power of curiosity. It would be hard to find a soul who claims to be devoid of this emotion. This feeling that drives most aspects of our lives.

Take another example, log onto facebook, twitter or any of the social media pages you follow, does it ever make you wonder what goes on in the lives of your “friends/contacts” from these platforms? Is it because you really care about them? Or is it just plain and simple curiosity? Did we ever care about these things?

So you are sitting at this bar, there’s this gorgeous looking girl or a handsome guy who’s seated close by, you start up a conversation. What is it that keeps the conversation flowing apart from your gift of gab? (Let’s leave aside the scenario where it is just your hormones that keeps it going). Shall we call it some sort of chemistry? A mutual interest in knowing more about whatever is being spoken about? A week later you are now sitting with the same person again at a random place and conversing about something, what was it that facilitated this repeat interaction? Something piqued your interest the first time around didn’t it? You were curious!

What’s the reason we were put on this planet? How is it that we evolved from apes? The late Stephen Hawking said we are exceptional monkeys because we could understand the universe. How and why did we get here? Isn’t it because the monkeys were curious in some way? The search for understanding and reason is what keeps us going, and this stems from the inherent curiosity.

Think about those situations where you felt all you needed was adequate reasoning, that’s just how we are programmed. Now think about those things that came to your mind again, let me know how you feel.

Humor my curiosity;)


Hypocrisy or confusion?

Here I am, back after a hiatus of over two years… Jeez, that’s ages! Didn’t really realize how quickly that passed. I confess to being rusty and it will certainly show, so go easy alright 😉

We have always been a society that carves attention. However, off late we’ve been reduced to a society that lives to be noticed in a virtual world: one where our interactions with one another has been reduced to who responded to our update on Facebook or instagram, to who retweeted us or shared our event. Wherein our little world isn’t ours anymore, for it is out there for all and sundry to see. When did things change?

When did it start becoming so important to broadcast our lives? Isn’t this exactly what the rich and famous have, since eternity been trying to run away from: seeking some privacy in an otherwise broadcasted life. This incessant quest for recognition –  where has it brought us? The internet claims to have made the world a smaller place, but has it resulted in us becoming smaller people? Have we become pettier? Or is this newfound pseudo transparency for the better? Let’s say as long as one takes to it with a pinch of salt, it might not be too bad, or is it?

Is the world coming closer really that bad a thing? To be in the day and age where one has the option of communicating with people in different corners of the world – across all time zones – with such ease; is that necessarily that bad? The possibility to see a dear one, albeit virtually, via skype, whatsapp video call, Facebook or any of the other providers that exist, isn’t that any good? Not having to pay for the expensive commute every time you feel the need to see someone, that sounds really good doesn’t it. But is it too good to be true? Rather is this any good to begin with? Can this virtual contact really substitute the personal touch that we were so used to having? Should it have that kinda power?

So, why did I end up writing this today? Just so happens that I had to format my computer, obviously resulting in loss of all data not duplicated to the “cloud” or elsewhere. Well, not much that I have to cry about (Yes, there are more important issues), however that still was loads of photographs, memories associated with them and music collected over years that I lost with a single click of the mouse; one where my hand was forced. Well the music is alright, I know, that can still be retrieved from sources, but what happens to the photographs? For a moment, it felt like I was transported back a few years – like the only album of developed photos with negatives intact in them (remember the film-roll cameras??) had been burnt.

Only to realize that not all was lost. Yes, retrieval was going to be tough, but broadcasting my life (let’s say sharing parts of it)  also meant that I had some of these photos sent out to other people, if not put up on the above mentioned social platforms. That got me to think why I hadn’t uploaded all of it onto the cloud to begin with? Let us say I just wasn’t comfortable with the idea: to having everything I snapped on every trip I ever took saved up online for people (doesn’t have to be just hackers) to peruse at their will. That being said, I am also someone who posts random check-ins from airports informing people, (most who aren’t even remotely interested) about my travels. So how much of a hypocrite does writing this piece make me? Are our lives on display really any better than the cozier ones we had when anonymity was a thing? Where do we find the balance?

I let you be the judge. Send in your thoughts. How much personal space do we need?

Why the fuss??

So for starters, I’ve been trying to avoid topics that may at some point be distasteful to a larger section of society or even spark a controversy for a long time, but today however seems to be an apt time to delve into opinionated posting once again. What surprised me the most and inspired me into writing this was all the noise about the BBC documentary “India’s Daughter” that was posted on “” the other day. This after protests in India and also a ban on the documentary being screened in the country. The parliament was abuzz with MP’s going crazy( always fun to watch the circus isn’t it?) All the more surprising, all this two days after banning beef in Maharashtra.

“One can’t help but wonder, what the government prioritizes more, the safety of cattle or that of women in the country. While it is rather heartening to see them give such importance to livestock, what happens with the women is a different issue all together, such a pity.” a friend of mine remarked recently. I  do understand the sentiments of the beef eating public and why they would take to such statements, I mean, I must admit I do love my hamburgers as well! I, however for once would not say the government prioritizes its cattle over women. Getting to the more important issue at hand here, what was it about the video that warranted its banning? Or is India just going through a ban anything and everything phase right now? I mean, PMS-ing women are more consistent with their behavior. Oops, did I touch a nerve there, no offense to all the women, you’re all wonderful people( most I’d say) and then there are also those monsters 😉

To all you out there who may already know this, I must confess, I am an Indian and I am a man. Putting two and two together, voila, I am an “INDIAN MAN!” Does that make me a rapist? Do I look at every lady on the street and otherwise artfully violating her in different ways? Oh no I don’t, but then again, male hormones do come into play every now and then, and you appreciate beauty for what it is, women, cars, bikes, everything :boys, they say will be boys!  So yes, like every living creature, I appreciate beauty, women as I’ve been told check us out as well. I bet you didn’t know that!  Do I feel strongly about the need for punishment in such cases? Hell yes!

So India’s daughter! The documentary, one hour in length was banned by the Indian government. What makes it more interesting is that it was a BBC (read imperial) production. In a country that’s been ever so moderate and welcoming to all sorts of influences and people, such a ban seemed out of the ordinary. This documentary , about the gruesome rape of a medical student in the capital of the country in 2012 and more so about what happened after: the views and statements of the prime accused, the defense lawyers on the case, the victims’ parents, families of the accused, judges on the case and also analysis from people who’ve been in some way part of the call for justice for such cases. So what was it that made this particular incident special? It was one of the most documented and publicized rape case I had come to know of in my lifetime, we’re keeping in sync with India here.

The sheer brutality of the incident makes me squirm, the sociopaths that were part of it should most certainly be punished. but a question that haunts me is, why make such a documentary it, about the people involved in it? India, a country of 1.2 billion people and so much diversity, differences in opinions is commonplace. Also, once must understand that taking into account all the unemployment and frustration among people crime is commonplace as well, not just hose against women, but any sort of crimes. In the past year and a half that I have lived abroad, one thing, I’ve understood for sure, crimes take place everywhere. Crimes against women, also take place everywhere, but do we get to here about it? We must possibly rethink that! If statistics are to be believed, crimes occurring in other so-called developed countries (USA, UK) is way higher than that in India, consider this, and also the fact that India’s population is so many times larger than either of theirs, why do we get all the attention I worry.

The documentary showed nothing one would not expect from the accused. The above said sociopaths, had no remorse for what they had done. Contrarily, they seemed very much to enjoy all the attention they were receiving and the chance to be seen on TV worldwide. These nobody’s of yesterday from the lower strata of society who barely made two square meals a day now had the opportunity to be famous. There is no such thing as bad publicity they say, holds true I guess. Irrespective of what they said, they’d still be shown to the world, painted bloody criminals. So why not put up a brave face, right? What pained me was the content of the show. If it was awareness that the BBC wanted to create, what exactly about was this awareness? If it was a social change they wanted to make, to send out a message to all potential criminals out there that they must be very careful about what they do, they sure made a mess of it.

Typical sociopathic behavior suggests a social outcast craving for attention, exactly what we’ve now managed to give them, in the process very conveniently tarnishing the image of a developing nation, that seems to be the center of a lot of foreign investment in the near future. If it was awareness that they wanted to create about how the mentality about rapes and crimes against women in the country was changing, they sure haven’t documented that. Instead you have excerpts from what the criminals and their defense attorneys(equally disgusting views) had to say. In a country and culture where women have always been cared for and looked after with utmost respect, a society that has lady “goddesses” literally, these words are disgraceful and contrary to the value system.

What good did this video do? People say we are afraid and disgusted to accept the problem within, hence we ban the video. My question is as to how much more should we acknowledge the existence of the problem? That’s something we’ve been actively doing for quite sometime now. But what action is being taken on it? If that’s the awareness that you wanted to create, probably that’s the kind of documentary you should have made dear BBC. Fellow people, if I may ask, what’s your beef with banning this video? Don’t we all know that the problem exists? Haven’t we demonized these criminals enough? Isn’t it time, we let actions talk instead of protests.

Why are we sitting and streaming the views of sick people when we know that we could very silently go about the business of delivering justice? And the Brits and the Americans would do great if for once they focused on the troubles in their lands instead of poking their noses into how we dealt with matters. We must as well realize that as a nation, we have great troubles that needed to be sorted out and this must be a call for social change, in a consistent but quiet manner.

I repeat I do not for one moment sympathize or empathize with these criminals,  but I do not subscribe to giving them undue attention. They are what they are, criminals with mental sicknesses, its high time we dealt with them that way, giving them absolutely no unwanted attention. The safety of women in our country should never be in question, it should be a priority of every citizen of the land after all we do pledge “ALL INDIANS ARE MY BROTHERS AND SISTERS”. Mutually we can grow, and help, but mutual inactivity will only kill us slowly.